Improving Health Through Meditation

There are several health conditions that can benefit from the positive aspects of meditation.

You can use meditation to improve several aspects of your life, such as: eliminating drug addition, prolonging your life expectancy and improving the condition of several illnesses.

Prolonging life expectancy is scientifically proven by two main factors: lowering the bodys temperature and restricting the calorie intake.

Meditation can help you achieve the first condition, as a state of heightened mental awareness enables you to slow down your body processes and achieve a positive state of relaxation.

Pain management also benefits from the healing power of meditation. Stress induced anxiety increases perception of pain and, in turn, more pain triggers increased anxiety.

Employing mediation techniques that teach the patient how to better resist the negative effects of physical pain through mental abilities can interrupt this vicious circle.

Improving your relaxation helps diminish pain, but it doesnt eliminate it, so use this technique combined with modern treatments.

People often adopt meditation in order to reduce stress factors. It is, indeed, a efficient solution to improving your capacity to resist the negative effects of outside pressures.

The source of these pressures may come from various aspects of life, such as family, work, illness.

Scientific research has shown that several hormones and other biochemical compounds found in our blood that are good indicators of stress do decrease during meditation.

Stress factors often manifest themselves as muscular tensions and psychological problems such as depression and anxiety, so by using meditation techniques you should be able to minimize their effects on your mind and body.

Reducing the risk of strokes and heart attacks is also one of the benefits of meditation. You can lower you blood pressure as a result of meditation practices, thus lowering the chances of heart problems. Infertility is another issue that may be addressed by meditation practices.

There are several psychological additions to infertility, such as depression and low self-esteem, and a reduction of these negative factors becomes more likely through meditation.

Chances of pregnancy increase when the patients become more relaxed and in tune with their inner selves. Fewer respiratory crises are observed with patients suffering from chronic breathing illnesses, such as asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Breathing techniques combined with effective meditation improve psychological and physiological responses.

Other health problems related to Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) find solutions in meditation practices. You can reduce physical tensions and pain, such as headaches.

Meditating can offer you a break from the every day problems, offering you a chance to recover and face outside difficulties with ease.

Increased stress can worsen symptoms of PMS, aggravating muscle aches and fatigue. A general improvement of your bodys response to stressful factors will lessen PMSs negative effects, relaxing your mind and body.

Meditation is a powerful adjuvant in all the above-mentioned conditions. Of course, it is not a cure for some of them and medical treatment should always be considered first.

Meditation helps support medical treatments by helping you relax and accept more positive aspects of your life, while diminishing the negative effects of distressful factors and illnesses.

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by Willie Krut

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