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Dr. Roberto A. Bonomi is considered not only an authority, but a pioneer of the Law of Attraction, because in 1987 he wrote the book
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The Secret of The Magic Lamp

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El Secreto

El Secreto


An Experimental Meditation using NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Approaches


Now that youve begun to develop the ability to move energy around in your body there are some things that you can do with it. The following exercises range from pretty simple to pretty complicated, but as you develop your abilities youll eventually find that you can do them all at once and effortlessly.

It can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few years to develop this ability, so remember what I said about expectations. Grounding Grounding will always be an important skill, no matter how advanced you become, so take the time to learn this now and to be able to do it effortlessly.

Stand in the Standing Stake" pose described above. Go through the breathing and Full Body Awareness exercises. Visualize roots growing from your feet down through the core of the earth, just like a tree.

In later meditations you can add some variety by seeing the roots flow down to a large crystal at the earths core. Depending on the effect you want you can vary the crystals and access different energies, but that obviously beyond the scope of this exercise.

As you inhale feel the energy of the earth being drawn up through your roots and up through your body and out through the top of your head.

On your exhale, let that energy drop back down through your body and feel all the accumulated stress of your life flow out with it and back down through your roots and into the earth.

Feel your muscles relax as the stress flows out.

This is a good way to release all your stresses, fears, angers and feelings of inadequacy.

Repeat this exercise for awhile, as many times as necessary to clean yourself out. Theres nothing wrong (and a lot of benefit) to stopping at this point and just doing these exercises that weve learned up to this point, until they become completely effortless. Whenever you feel yourself stressed or angry learn to take a moment and ground yourself and let those feelings just flow out.

Progressive Relaxation Progressive Relaxation is easy to do and you can do it anywhere and anytime.

Assume your meditation position of choice (I like the half-lotus on a zafu) and go through all the exercises Ive covered up to this point.

Now just take a moment and feel the relaxed energy that you should have after grounding and releasing all your stress.

Are you ready to get deeper into this feeling?

Feel the energy that flows up through your roots and into your feet.

Now make fists with your feet by curling your toes in as far as you can until it hurts, then relax.

Now let that relaxed feeling flow from your toes back over your feet and feel them relax. As you inhale draw that relaxed feeling up over your ankles and feel them relax completely.

On the exhale let any residual stress flow back out and down through the earth. On your next inhale draw that relaxed feeling back up over your calves, letting them relax after walking all day.

Then, draw that relaxed energy up over your thighs with the next inhale. Theyre the biggest muscles in the body, so let them relax and rest now.

As you inhale feel that relaxed feeling flow up over your hips and buttocks. Feel the stress bleed away.

We store a lost of stress here, so take a moment and let this area relax. Now draw that relaxed feeling up over your stomach and lower back.

Feel the muscles in your back relax and feel your stomach move with your inhale. Bring the energy up over your chest and the middle of your back.

Feel your heart area expand with the relaxed energy and feel all the accumulated stress in between your shoulder blades release and flow out and back down with your exhale.

Draw the feeling of relaxation up over your shoulders and neck. Feel any residual tension flow out with your exhale.

Now let that relaxed energy flow up and over your head.

Let the muscles of your face and those at the base of your skull relax.

Now just sit here and feel this relaxed body that you have. Remember this feeling as its how you should feel all the time.

Tense muscles store energy, which means that your energy isnt flowing through you, but rather sticking in certain places in your body.

When your muscles are relaxed then your energy flows unimpeded leaving you feeling much lighter and more refreshed.

by Robert Morgen

--- Robert Morgen is a Reiki Master who currently holds a Black Belt in Hoshin Roshi Ryu and founded High Mountain Hoshin in Denver, CO. He travels and teaches as much as possible and you can find out how to attend one of his Kundalini Awakening seminars at his website at; http://www.windhavenco.org/events.html His new book Personal Mastery: Develop your true internal power by awakening your kundalini will be released in June 2005.

The best way to reach the meditation levels is to use Dr. Bonomi's "Alpha and Theta Sounds CD" that you can find HERE Use the Alpha sound to reach mind control levels. Use the Theta sound to reach the deeper oriental levels of meditation.



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