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Even Dogs Get the Holiday Blues: Meditation Can Help

Although your dog may not dread the family dynamics of Thanksgiving dinner or pout if you get him the wrong flavor chew toy, the approaching holiday season can cause stress for your dog. A different schedule than usual, travel or separation from you, too little attention, or even too much from Aunt Helen can all give your dog the holiday blues.

There is a simple way to ease your dogs anxiety during the holidays: meditate together.

Meditation is great for dogs. It relieves their stress and promotes better health and well-being. Meditation is great for you also, especially during the holidays. Meditation helps you slow down and stay in the present moment, while at the same time lowering both blood pressure and heart rate.

Meditating together helps you and your dog deepen the connection that you already share. It soothes your dog and helps your pack life run smoother.

You can also meditate before times you know will be extra stressful for your dog, such as before a plane trip or prior to all the relatives piling into your house. Meditating together lets your dog know that you love him and that he is foremost in your mind. This will help your dog stay calm in difficult situations.

How do you start? James Jacobson, author of How to Meditate with Your Dog: An Introduction to Meditation for Dog Lovers, and his dog Maui, show you how to transform the love you have for your dog into the heart of a meditation practice. This simple method is non-dogmatic, a lot of fun, and a great way to turn the holiday blues into tail-wagging holiday bliss.

How to Meditate with Your Dog: An Introduction to Meditation for Dog Lovers presents a non-dogmatic approach to meditation. To fetch a free chapter from the book and the introduction from the audiobook go to http://www.DogMeditation.com.

by James Jacobson

James Jacobson is not a dog whisperer or an animal behaviorist. Hes not an over-barking, highfalutin, woo-woo kind of guy. Hes a real person, who has meditated most of his life, the past twelve years with his dog, Maui. For more than a decade, he has taught classes in Washington, DC, Denver and Hawaii that introduce "newbies" to the joy of meditation by leveraging the love they already feel for their pets. Visit http://www.dogmeditation.com

The best way to reach the meditation levels is to use Dr. Bonomi's "Alpha and Theta Sounds CD" that you can find HERE Use the Alpha sound to reach mind control levels. Use the Theta sound to reach the deeper oriental levels of meditation.



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