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Meditation, The Road Toward Inner Peace

by Umesh Modi

Are you sick of attending phone calls every minute? Sick of waiting in the traffic jams? Sick of coping with the daily stress? Then stop for a minute! Open your internet explorer and log on to www.meditationinfo.net

(PRWEB) September 16, 2005 -- Meditationinfo.net is a site on meditation that will help you understand life in a better way.

In today's time, when every one is leading a busy and stressful life and has no time for oneself, meditation provides the only way out to handle any kind of stress. The site throws light upon meditation as a panacea for dealing with stress.

Meditation enables you to create new attitudes and responses to life, giving you a clear spiritual understanding of yourself. Meditation is the process of re-discovering, enjoying and using the positive qualities already latent within you. Like any skill, meditation requires practice to achieve positive and satisfying results. By doing a little every day, it soon becomes a natural and easy habit, which generously rewards you for the effort it involves.

Today meditation is gaining immense popularity as a form of alternative medicine. It brings about mental calmness and physical relaxation by suspending the stream of thoughts that normally occupy the mind. Through meditation and by giving full attention to one thing at a time, we can learn to direct attention where we choose.

The site makes an attempt to transform the individual's stressful world into a world of peace and tranquility. It acquaints the reader with the different paths of meditation, which are, Meditation as per Yoga and Meditation as per Vedanta. The former path of meditation reflects the practical and mystical approach to Meditation whereas; the latter has more of a philosophical and inspirational approach to it. Both paths lead to realization of the self. Meditation helps you cleanse your mind by controlling your thoughts.

It is said that we become what we think. Meditation makes you think positive and makes you a positive human being. It enlightens the mind, the source for the enlightenment of the Soul.


The best way to reach the meditation levels is to use Dr. Bonomi's "Alpha and Theta Sounds CD" that you can find HERE Use the Alpha sound to reach mind control levels. Use the Theta sound to reach the deeper oriental levels of meditation.



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