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Meditation for Beautiful Skin

by William Bodri

"Meditation for Beautiful Skin" is a recently released ebook that tells how to produce a new complexion through simple dietary changes, nutritional supplements and meditation practice.

(PRWEB) October 12, 2004 -- Today, make-up sales are a $18 billion worldwide market. Skincare products are also a $24 billion industry. A report by the Environmental Working Group ("Skin Deep") indicates that the average American woman uses a dozen personal care products and exposes herself to 168 different cosmetic ingredients, many of which pose health hazards even when used according to package directions.

For men and women wondering if there is a cheaper and safer way to healthy, beautiful skin, many are now turning to meditation because of its ages old reputation for rejuvenating and transforming the human body. Rather than depend on external chemicals that seem to plasticize the skin and simply hide the problems, meditation practice offers a way for people to relax, get rid of their stress and actually tap into rejuvenating energies that quickly show in the complexion. Meditation actually addresses the root causes of aging and poor skin whereas cosmetics, surgery and make-overs tend to cover it up.

Science has shown that meditation reduces blood pressure, the stress hormone cortisol, and causes the body to secrete more of the youth-related hormone DHEA that has proven anti-aging benefits. Eastern cultures make claims for meditation that science is slowly proving, including the fact that meditation is a proven free way to better health, peace of mind and more vitality.

"Meditation for Beautiful Skin," recently released by Top Shape Publishing LLC and available at www.MeditationExpert.com, details a variety of nutritional, naturopathic and meditation techniques to help cultivate the body and in particular, produce beautiful skin. The information is becoming quite popular with models,actresses and others for whom appearance is extremely important because they find that the meditation methods and related techniques help them project an energy and "glow" that attracts the attention they need for their careers.

Combining internal and external methods as diverse as an allergy free, complexion-perfect diet, eating special enzymes or supplements and traditional beautifying foods such as Asian bird's nest soup, doing pranayama breathing exercises or yoga or switching to sexual tantra in the bedroom, this new ebook by naturopathic nutritionist and meditation expert William Bodri focuses on proven Eastern meditation and physical self-improvement practices that energize body cells and rejuvenate the complexion to reverse the effects of aging.

For people interested in a more naturopathic way to beautiful skin other than cosmetics, chemicals and face lifts, "Meditation for Beautiful Skin" reveals a variety of the very best supplements and Eastern practices that the author has found produces a new youthful, blemish-free and wrinkle-free complexion. Meditation, and the unleashing of your vital energies by resting the mind, is one the very best ways to bring out the most of your natural beauty.

More information on the new ebook can be found at www.meditationexpert.com/BeautifulSkin.htm.

The best way to reach the meditation levels is to use Dr. Bonomi's "Alpha and Theta Sounds CD" that you can find HERE Use the Alpha sound to reach mind control levels. Use the Theta sound to reach the deeper oriental levels of meditation.



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