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Meditation for you

The other day on TV I saw a segment on meditation and how it is helping ADD sufferers. The children and their parents have been taking meditation classes. This has been an enormous benefit to these families. The children are doing better in school, their concentration has improved and one of the greatest benefits is that their dependency on drugs has decreased dramatically.

This brought to my mind the importance for all of us to take a little time out and still our minds.

Many people have found the benefits of meditation. It improves health on all levels, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Making some time for ourselves to sit quietly and just clear our minds, can take a bit of discipline, but it is worth the effort. Some would say it is as important as our morning shower or brushing our teeth. It is apart of our personal care routine.

When you start out with meditation, you shouldnt expect too much from yourself. It has taken some of the expects years to perfect and remain perfectly still. Just finding within yourself a quiet moment can be of great benefit.

Start simply. For myself, I find taking a walk very meditative. I am fortunate in that I have native bushland directly behind my house and so it is easy to create a peaceful atmosphere. I treat this as meditation, not exercise, so I stroll along, taking in the environment. Half way, I find a quiet spot to sit, and close my eyes. This is a great way for me. It creates a quietness in my mind on the way and gradually on the way back things return. I know not everyone has this kind of environment to live in, but it can be recreated in your mind.

Find yourself a quiet spot within your home, or even outside, where you will not be disturbed. Sit up, dont lie down, thats when you fall asleep. Make sure you are warm and comfortable. Close your eyes. Concentrate on your breathing, in and out. Remember a place that you find peaceful, it may be a park, a mountain, a beach or someplace you just create in your mind. In your mind, take a walk, take in the sounds of the birds, the wind, the waves, whatever there may be.

Take in the sights, the colours, the trees, the flowers. Enjoy it all. Dont try to force other thoughts out of mind, just allow them to be and pass them over for later and focus on the beauty and the peace around you. You may sit down for a while, you may meet someone along the way. Listen to what they have to say and allow them to slip out of your mind. Enjoy the scenery, the feeling of peace and safety.

Stay as long as you like. When you return, take things slowly. Gradually open your eyes and allow yourself to reawaken to the world.

This is a very simple way to start with meditation. Anyone can do this. It is about finding peace within yourself. Once you have enjoyed this experience and find stilling your mind is becoming easier, you may want to go further. Join a class, get some tapes. There is so many different methods to meditation, there is no right or wrong way. Whatever works for you.

I hope you enjoy.

by Andrea Putting N.D

Andrea Putting N.D., Naturopath, Writer and creator/owner of health sites including, http://www.puttingitright.com.au, http://www.naturopathsresourcefile.info, and http://www.naturalhealth4cats.info . Explore the world of Natural Medicine; take your health into your own hands. Know how to be healthy and stay healthy

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